Supporting the KAYANY Foundation

Teach for Hope is a non profit organization raising funds to support the construction of secular schools for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon, Bekaa. The organization supports the incredible work of the KAYANY Foundation, lead by its founder Nora Joumblatt.

 The schools

  • 4 schools have already opened
  • 3 or 4 are in project
  • 400 students in each school

To comply with Lebanese policy, schools opened in the camps must be able to be dismantled within a few days – the Lebanese authorities don’t want the refugees to  settle permanently in Lebanon. KAYANY did not wanting to shelter the students in makeshift tents which are not appropriated for a proper education.

A prefabricated classrooms have been developed: each class is heated thanks to a stove during the harsh winter. There are 7 or 8 classrooms, bathrooms, and, when possible, a library in each school. The classrooms are built around a playground.

The school is intentionally separated from the camp with a gate and a fence to make it a special place in the minds of families and children.

Last may, we visited the schools inside the camps in the Bekaa Valley. A few pictures to share with you this experience and give you an overview of the living condition and schools built.

 A secular co-education

Younger children are taught in the morning, older ones in the afternoon. Classes are co-ed and teaching is strictly secular.

The goal is to allow students to be able to join the Lebanese Public School system which has the added benefit of opening spots in KAYANY schools for other camp children.

The headmaster of these schools was previously a Lebanese public school headmaster and therefore has a good relationship local authorities.Teachers are paid but part of the school staff is comprised of volunteers.

  • 5 000 euros to build a classroom
  • 80 000 euros to build a school
  • 230 000 euros to build a school for the annual cost of school operations
  • 600 euros per year for each student’s education. This includes : a uniform, a backpack, school supplies, teachers and a daily snack with essential vitamins.

 The KAYANY Foundation


KAYANY operates with minimal overhead so that funds go the children. Just 6 employees manage and administer the schooling of 1200 students while overseeing the creation of 3 new schools (location, construction materials, construction …).

Therefore money received by KAYANY goes primarily to the actual project.

Mrs Jomblatt is the guarantor of the principles which define KAYANY. She selects school locations to ensure the project will not be misused by the person in charge of the camp. She makes sure the land owner of the chosen location does not profit unreasonably from the presence of the schools. She ensures that no religious teaching penetrate the schools.

Each week, she takes a day to visit each school. Then she visits the new camps who ask her to open new schools.

KAYANY Foundation